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True healing starts within!

Div9 Inner Actions wants to help clients awaken their divine power within so they can live a purposeful life. 


About Me

Greetings! My name is Ayanna Sneed. I was born and raised in downtown Cincinnati. Growing up, I realized the neglect of mental health in impoverished neighborhoods. I have learned that living a healthy lifestyle is crucial for maintaining good mental health. I help my clients incorporate exercise, a balanced diet, and self-care practices into their daily routine in hopes to help improve their overall well-being. 



*Personal Training Sessions 

(*Currently Servicing The Cincinnati Tri-State Area)

As a traveling trainer, I offer one-on-one training, dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness and body goals.


  • Weekly Nutrition Advice

  • Weekly Check Ins

  • *Monthly Photos to Track Progress (3 Month Plan Only)

Spiritual Life Coaching (Virtual & Phone Only)

Let me help guide you to dive deep within yourself. Through our sessions, we will address old and new challenges hindering you from embodying your full potential. An alignment of body, mind and soul, this can be an experience of enlightenment to live life instead of just existing.

Psychotherapy (Virtual & Phone Only)

Through talk therapy, we will go beyond the superficial to address emotional, mental and behavioral changes in hopes to achieve a balanced well-being.

Vent Session (Virtual & Phone Only)

During this vent session, I am a nonjudgemental ear to whatever you want to talk about. I understand that sometimes people are not looking for feedback, etc. and may just need a safe place to release.

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“Your only limits are those you place upon yourself”

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Client Testimonials

I recently had a venting session and I LOVED every minute of the experience. Ayanna was very patient and understanding. During the venting session I didn't feel judged or uncomfortable. Her energy and vibes are beautiful and I will be setting up another session SOON! I felt better and lighter INSTANTLY during the session and even managed to laugh although the topic was severe. Thank you Soo much for the session! Much love 💜💜💜


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